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Slow but steadily you can find our taps in more and more places.
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Below you can find more information on some of the projects we've done in the past. The highlights include our first project ever: MasMais in Amsterdam. We have also included an overview of the bigger and more specialized projects to give you an overview of all the posibillities.
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Together with the owners of MasMais we converted two of their beer-draughts into cocktail's on tap. Their, already succesfull drinks, were adjusted to work better with the draft system without losing out on quality or consistency. With a focus on mexican style drinks and a small but focussed backbar they can now crank out a high volume of their most succesfull drinks.
At MasMais you can find two delicious cocktails on draft: A Margarita and a Paloma.
Come check them out!

Bar Mokum

A tiny piece of Amsterdam alleyway build in a basement at the Ferdinand Bolsstraat. Red Light district, park and marketstall included. As a high-volume cocktail bar with close to 85 seats the bar was in need of a way to serve their most popular drinks as fast as possible. Combined with a custom cooling setup the bar now runs a double tap pouring ice-cold drinks as fast as they possibly can.

Stack's Diner

A classic American diner with some amazing southern style food combined with great natural wines and cocktails. With a small bar space in the kitchen they needed a way to still serve high quality drinks at a fast pace. For Stacks we build a large setup with 6 taps, one for beer, one for sparkling water, two for natural wines and two for cocktails. For the wines we worked together with Troppo Giovane to pour two beautiful natural wines. The whole tap is cooled and supplied from the basement to create much needed space for glassware and soda's.