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We specialize in cocktails on tap

We install draft systems for cocktails in your bar. With our service we support your team in the creation of signature drinks that help drive revenue.

Our way of working empowers you to create your own drinks and fill your own kegs. This cuts the need for a third party to supply you with pre-made drinks. This boosts your margin on the drinks and allows you to create signatures that help define your bar.

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Why cocktails on draft?

Cocktails on draft speed up service and consistency. This allows you to serve high-quality cocktails with the same timing as a beer.

With the current staff shortage in hospitality good bartenders are in short supply. By putting your high-volume drinks on draft your bartender can serve more drinks and focus on engaging guests.

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How it works

Our solution works on your existing beer-draft. We can also build a custom draft if you do not have any free taps or have none at all. We use special kegs that you can open en re-fill yourself. We support your team with all necessary training needed to clean and fill the kegs. It's a quick and easy solution.

The best part? Your kegs belong to you! You are free to put any drink that suits this system on tap. No mandatory branding or drinks.

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