About us

Or, about me really. I love making drinks.
I have been in hospitality for over 12 years. During which I worked in a wide range of venues: clubs, high-end cocktailbars and restaurants. I have learned to smash out drinks lightning fast but no matter how great the team, it was never fast enough for me. On top of that I got a wrist injury that prevents me from working with the same speed and effeciency I used to.
The past couple of years I have been interested in finding a way to make more drinks faster without making compromises in quality or originality. I tried to find a way to make this work with my wrist injury.

Picture of Thomas
Picture of Thomas

Looking forward...

This interest took off when I got the opportunity to help open Super Lyan Amsterdam with a cocktail tap central on the bar. During the corona lockdowns I spend most of my time tinkering on a home-made draft, trying to find a way to serve great cocktails fast, tasty and profitable.
I believe I have found the way.